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What We Do

Here at Advocating for Seniors we help you the caregiver advocate for your loved ones during their healthcare needs. Through newsletter via email, interacting in the Facebook group, and other offerings we create as time goes by, you will learn...

  • The importance of preparing for your family member to discharge home from the very moment they enter the hospital setting.

  • How to stop the discharge from the facility for at least 24 hrs, the forms and language you will need to do that.

  • Teach you negotiation skills to help you use the right words when advocating.

  • And help you understand medical jargon and terms so you know what medical professional are saying and how to use those same words to help advocate for your loved one.

What We Offer

We offer a number of avenues for you to gain insight and knowledge to help you learn what you need to know about advocating for your loved one from an insider perspective. We offer off the following ways for you to learn:

  • Bi-Monthly Zoom Q&A session to demystify your loved ones' medical concerns and tips on how to advocate for their medical needs. (You can attend a 1-time session or join the membership opportunity and enjoy the benefit so the Facebook Group.) 

  • Facebook group with other caregivers where I address your immediate needs and concerns as they happen. 

  • Opportunity to purchase worksheets and other written material to help you track your loved one's medication, blood pressures, and 12 other worksheets. 

What People are Saying

“They would have transported my son over 178 miles when he was dying if Lorena hadn’t told me what to say to stop it.”

“Lorena is the reason my Mom didn’t get booted out of General Hospital here in WW – they weren’t going to allow the third night of stay – then she helped us get her to a rehab center.

The hospital person acted as if we were trying to break a law! It was crazy!!!"

“My husband was admitted to the hospital after he fell from a ladder and hit his head. Lorena explained to us there were two different types of admissions. We now know to ask the nurse which type he has been admitted under. It makes a difference for rehab stay"