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What We Do

Here at Advocating for Seniors we help you the caregiver advocate for your loved ones during their healthcare needs. Through newsletter via email, interacting in the Facebook group, and other offerings we create as time goes by, you will learn...

  • The importance of preparing for your family member to discharge home from the very moment they enter the hospital setting.

  • How to stop the discharge from the facility for at least 24 hrs, the forms and language you will need to do that.

  • Negotiation skills to help you use the right words when advocating.

  • Medical jargon and terms so you know what medical professional are saying and how to use those same words to help advocate for your loved one.

  • What We Offer

    We offer a number of avenues for you to gain insight and knowledge to help you learn what you need to know about advocating for your loved one from an insider perspective. We offer off the following ways for you to learn:

    • Opportunity to purchase worksheets and other written material to help you track your loved one's medication, blood pressures, and 12 other worksheets. 

    • Facebook group with other caregivers where I address your immediate needs and concerns as they happen. 

    What People are Saying

    “They would have transported my son over 178 miles when he was dying if Lorena hadn’t told me what to say to stop it.”

    “Lorena is the reason my Mom didn’t get booted out of General Hospital here in WW – they weren’t going to allow the third night of stay – then she helped us get her to a rehab center.

    The hospital person acted as if we were trying to break a law! It was crazy!!!"

    “My husband was admitted to the hospital after he fell from a ladder and hit his head. Lorena explained to us there were two different types of admissions. We now know to ask the nurse which type he has been admitted under. It makes a difference for rehab stay"

    About Dr. lorena Hawkins

     "A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.”

    That’s me. And, apparently, William Shakespeare, the original subject of this expression. But my theatre is the modern sphere of social justice, empowering people to advocate for themselves, and then for others.

    Mountains are easier to climb when you can see the top.

    Personal advocacy is the root of all positive change. I help people learn how to advocate for themselves and others, so they can level the playing field in the game of life.

    Sometimes this plays out within the healthcare system, for people taking care of themselves or elderly loved ones. Sometimes it plays out in the professional space, for people who feel stuck and crave change.

    I believe in restoring a life interrupted by helping other find the answers from within. We all are geniuses inside and know the best solution for our problems, we just sometimes have a hard time trusting our geniuses.

    Guiding Principles


    I help people overcome a sense of powerlessness and instead recognize and use available resources for better outcomes.


    Social justice means leveling the playing field, no matter how old we are, how we live, what we look like, or where we come from.


    Knowledge is power. Everything I know, I openly share. What I don’t know, I seek to find out.


    I am a champion for advocating for those in vulnerable positions, and teaching others to do the same.


    I believe in open, honest and frank conversations that further knowledge and understanding.


    Personal empowerment stems from learning and discovery, so I don't lecture. Instead, I coach and teach.

    Our Products

    Checkout our current and future products

    Eliminate the frustration of keeping track of important medical information with the Ultimate Medical Organizer.

    This is a 30 page pdf for you to print and put in your own 3-ring binder and organize the different tab sections in a way which works best for you and your loved one.

    Pages include...

  • 12 months worth of calendar

  • Medical information sheet

  • Medication List

  • Blood pressure and Blood Sugar trackers

  • Fall Logs

  • And 12 other much needed worksheets for safety and organization

  • Learn More

    Get HELP and decrease your fear and anxiety over getting care for your loved ones.

    Are you feeling stuck, frustrated, and overwhelmed about how to better care for your loved one? 

    Do you feel like if you had just 60 min to talk with someone as a sounding board you could move forward with your...

  • Understanding of discharge requirements 

  • Ability to talk with medical professionals

  • Understanding of discharge requirements 

  • Helping your loved one

  • Your rights as POA/DPOA

  • By having the 3 next step you need to make

  • Learn More

    Coming in the Fall of 2022 will be the membership area containing training videos which will provide all the tools you need to advocate for your loved ones.

    Subjects covered...

  • Understanding pain in our aging loved ones

  • Discussions about end-of-life care

  • Terms to use when talking with medical professional

  • Discussions about the decease process and aging

  • Specific advocacy strategies hospitals, Skilled Nursing, and Home Health

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