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Here's the perfect solution...

 if you want to understand the rights of your loved one, even if you believe / think the medical professionals and system will do all they can for them in a time of need.









Join the 1-hour Zoom Q&A session for $7.95


  • After you have signed up you will be directed to the welcome page where you can submit your question along with your email address.

  • Once you have submitted you question, you will get an email confirming your question and the zoom link. 

  • During the zoom meeting, you will be able to learn from other peoples experiences and questions.

  • All this will allow you to level up your ability to advocate for the services your loved one deserve.

  • You will leave the zoom meeting with increased understanding of how you can help your Loved one.

Meet Your Moderator

Dr. Lorena Hawkins, OTDR/L

I graduated with my doctorate in Occupational Therapy from Pacific University in 2015 with a desire to "restore a life that has been interrupted or impaired by life events. I strive to uphold others’ definition of health and wellness with dignity, respect, education, and hope." Since graduating, I have been working exclusively in elderly care as an OT in the skilled nursing setting as both management and therapist.

Since working in elderly care, I have seen a great need for caregiver support in helping to understand, and navigate, the medical world of care for the oldest of the olds. To answer that need, I have created this community for learning how to advocate for your loved one who experiencing the frustration of navigating the medical and care needs with knowledge of medical world processes and your loved one's rights.

Not only do I have insider knowledge and information, but I too have been a caregiver for an aging parent in the home until his passing and understand the frustration of dealing with doctors, hospitals, and other medical facilities all while being overwhelmed and tired.

What People are Saying

“They would have transported my son over 178 miles when he was dying if Lorena hadn’t told me what to say to stop it.”

“Lorena is the reason my Mom didn’t get booted out of General Hospital here in WW – they weren’t going to allow the third night of stay – then she helped us get her to a rehab center.

The hospital person acted as if we were trying to break a law! It was crazy!!!"

“My husband was admitted to the hospital after he fell from a ladder and hit his head. Lorena explained to us there were two different types of admissions. We now know to ask the nurse which type he has been admitted under. It makes a difference for rehab stay"