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Help your Clients Eliminate the frustration of keeping track
of important medical information

The Ultimate Medical Organizer

The Ultimate Medical Organizer is a medical organizer for those to keep all medical information in one place.

This is a 30 page pdf to print and put in a 3-ring binder and organize the different tab sections in a way which works best for clients or caregivers of your clients.

What You Get Today For

Only $27.00

  • A full 30 page pdf of the Ultimate Medical Organizer

  • A reusable monthly calendar which allows you to track appointments and events that happened in the month..

  • A Medication List worksheet where you can track all your present and past medications along with which doctor prescribed them.

  • Summary worksheet which has place to track all your important information like insurance numbers, main diagnosis and illnesses, and most important medications.

  • A EMS Information sheet which you can fill out and send to the ER with your loved one, which contains insurance information, emergency contact phone number, and an area to write a note to the doctors about why you sent your loved one to the ER.

  • The Prior Level of Function worksheet is a to record of your loved one’s functional abilities and/or decline so you have a baseline of what they can do for themselves when talking about discharge planning or concerns with the doctors.

  • Blood Pressure, Sugar, and Fall tracking logs.

  • ''I like having one book I can grab that has all my information in it, even my POA and DPOA papers for my daughter.''


    ''I print off the Blood Pressure sheet over and over to use for tacking my husbands Blood Pressure."


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    How to use this Organizer

    The justification for use of the is organizer falls under the “Health Management” was added to the Occupational Therapist Practice Framework version 4 as one of the nine Occupations we assess and treat as occupational therapists.

    When billing, you can use the CPT code for either Therapy Activities (fine motor, activity tolerance, cognitive functioning, etc.) or Self Care (IADL management) as you help them compile all the information to fill out the organizer. You can average about three 45-60 min session to get it all set up for your client or their caregiver. You can continue to bill through out the year as you help your client maintain their organizer.

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