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Stop the Madness...

Understand End-of-Life Terms and Options...

Caregivers get HELP!

This $27 investments stops the confusion around end-of-life questions.

Use my industry knowledge and healthcare degree during a 45 min video to learn about one of the hardest but most informative lesson you will need to face as you make end-of-life decisions for with/for your loved on. 

This is where we will talk about the difference between palliative, comfort, and hospice care. Here is where we will explore what quality of days look like vs quantity of days. In this module we will also discuss who pays for these different services and why doctors always make these terms so confusing!

Also get the Comfort Care vs Hospice Difference Discussion Workbook-A workbook to help you and your loved one talk about what end-of-life care will look like and how to decide quality of days over quantity of day.

Course objectives cover:

  • Identify the 4 different terms used during end-of-life.

  • Identify the 12 end-of-life qualifying diagnosis

  • Introduced to the End-of-Life diagram and how it works

  • Understand the cyclical nature of end-of-life diagnoses

  • Understand the payor source for Hospice/Comfort care.

  • Explore why doctors are so reluctant to talk about transitioning to end-of-life care and Hospice.

  • Have space to explore your thoughts and approaches towards end-of-life

  • Private FB Community and Q&A Messenger Support

  • What People Are Saying

    “Well you are needing my course.”

    My thoughts were “well my dad is out of state and on his own.” What Lorena said next changed everything for me. Lorena said “Kelly, at some point something will happen to your dad, and you will be called to care for him.” I never thought that could be the case. My dad is now deteriorating so I asked Lorena for guidance... Lorena informed me about legal issues, care issues, financial issues. Lorena helped me develop an action plan to move forward.

    "Lorena is the reason...

    my Mom didn’t get booted out of General Hospital here in WW – they weren’t going to allow the third night of stay – then she helped us get her to a rehab center.

    The hospital person acted as if we were trying to break a law! It was crazy!!!"

    Stop the transport!

    They would have transported my son over 178 miles when he was dying if Lorena hadn’t told me what to say to stop it.”

    Types of admissions.

    “My husband was admitted to the hospital after he fell from a ladder and hit his head. Lorena explained to us there were two different types of admissions. We now know to ask the nurse which type he has been admitted under. It makes a difference for rehab stay"